General terms and conditions, Data protection and Liability (conditions of participation) for the „March of Appreciation“ by Veteranenkultur e.V.

With the binding registration for the event „March of Appreciation“ by Veteranenkultur e.V., the participant accepts the following conditions of participation in addition to the conditions and provisions of the individual tenders without restriction:


Your donation, which goes to Veteranenkultur e.V., uses it for charitable purposes for the relatives of traumatized emergency services. The “Thank You Patch” will be sent to the donor by 04/16/21.

Scope of application

These conditions of participation regulate the relationship between the participants and the organizer (namely Veteranenkultur e.V.) resulting legal relationship (organization contract). They are subject to occasional changes in content. The version valid at the time of registration is part of the contract between the organizer and the participant. Changes that are made taking into account the legitimate interests of the participants and that are announced by the organizer on the Internet or in writing, become part of the contract without any further contract. The contractual partner for the participants is Veteranenkultur e.V. All declarations made by a participant to the organizer are to be sent to Veteranenkultur e.V.

Payment terms and donation refunds

All payments are to be made free of charge to the account of Veteranenkultur e.V. by participating in the SEPA direct debit procedure, bank transfer or PayPal. Unless the tender specifies a different payment method. A German account is required for this. Costs that arise due to incorrect bank details or return debits are borne by the applicant and will be billed to the participant (actual bank fees). If no online confirmation of registration can be sent (e.g. in the case of incorrect e-mail addresses), proof of the debiting of the fee from the participant’s account (bank statement) shall be deemed to be a confirmation of registration, which must be presented together with the Corona contact form and identity card when collecting the starting documents . If the participant cancels or does not appear, the donation will not be reimbursed. This also applies if a medical certificate is presented. If the event is canceled due to force majeure, official orders, storms, threats of assassination or terrorism, fire or other reasons for which the organizer is not responsible, or if its implementation has to be changed, there is no entitlement to a refund or a reduction in the amount Donation or return of purchased items.


By registering for the event from Veteranenkultur e.V., the participant confirms that he has independently checked his health requirements for participation, if necessary with the assistance of a doctor, and that he has assumed the health risks from his participation. In the case of underage participants the risk is borne by the legal guardian. The participants are informed in advance about the hygiene measures by email and asked to adhere to the protective measures. People with recognizable symptoms of a COVID-19 illness or with cold symptoms are asked not to take part in the event. People who had contact with infected people within the 14 days prior to the event are not allowed to participate in the event. The organizer reserves the right to remove participants from the events if the health of the participant appears to be endangered. The resulting costs are to be borne by the participant. On the day of the march, the participant hands over the declaration necessary to track down Corona to the march leaders, which is available for download here. Participation is prohibited without this declaration.

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

Veteranenkultur e.V. assumes no liability for health risks in the person of the participant in connection with the event. Reference is made to the point of health. If Veteranenkultur e.V. is entitled to make changes to the implementation of the event or to cancel it in cases of force majeure or due to official orders or for security reasons, there is no entitlement to repayment of the donation or further claims for damages. This also applies to a cancellation or change shortly before or during the event. (See also § 5, Section 6) Veteranenkultur e.V. is not liable for negligently caused property damage or financial loss. We are not liable for atypical or unforeseeable consequential damage, except in cases of willful or grossly negligent action. The above limitations of liability also apply to the liability of Veteranenkultur eV for vicarious agents or vicarious agents as well as to the personal liability of employees, representatives, vicarious agents and third parties whom Veteranenkultur eV uses in connection with the implementation of the event or with whom it is used for this purpose is contractually related. Veteranenkultur e.V. assumes no liability for items stored free of charge. This applies in particular to events where a clothes deposit is set up.


Insofar as participants use the event as a platform for unauthorized activities or the like that damage the reputation of the organizer and / or the individual sponsors or the topic, the organizer reserves the right not to allow said persons or these participants to take part (group) to be removed from the route by the route staff. Failure to submit the Corona contact form or recognizable symptoms of an illness can lead to exclusion. In the event of exclusion from the above There is no right to a refund of the donation

Data protection, data of the participants, image and sound recordings

The personal data provided by the participant when registering are stored and processed for the purposes of the implementation and handling of the events in accordance with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This applies in particular to the data required for payment processing. If you provide an email address, communication will only take place via this communication channel. The responsible body within the meaning of the data protection regulations isVeteranenkultur e.V. The participant also agrees that the photos, film recordings, interviews, etc. made in connection with participation in the event. are distributed and published in radio, television, print media, books, exhibitions, photomechanical reproductions (films, videos, etc.) etc. without claim to remuneration. This use can take place as current reporting, for archiving and documentation purposes or later in connection with other events, regardless of whether the recording is recorded or stored in the form of images, audio transmissions, video, audiovisual or in any other form. The participant agrees that personal data may be passed on to a company commissioned by the organizer for the purpose of sending medals, photos, videos, etc. of the participant on the route and at the finish line. However, the participant does not hereby declare that such a photo etc. should be purchased. The participant agrees that the personal data collected may be passed on to third parties commissioned by the organizer for the purpose of timing, creating starter and result lists and posting these lists on the Internet and also stored there. The following personal data may be. on the event website in results press releases as well as in print media as part of the reporting, and as part of the reporting, possibly in connection with the photos of the individual or several participants, and made available to reporting media for use in reporting: photo of the award ceremony / the competition , Photo of the participant, if applicable The participant agrees that the personal data collected will be passed on to the relevant service provider when booking an additional service, provided this is necessary for the implementation of the service. The participant agrees that the stored personal data may only be used for advertising purposes byVeteranenkultur e.V. The purpose of the publication also includes promoting the event as an institution as sustainably as possible and promoting long-term reporting, for example through historical reviews, comparisons of various events and presentation of developments. The participant is entitled to object to the disclosure of his personal data. He has to inform Veteranenkultur e.V. in writing. With the objection, in particular, the possibility of entries in the starter and result list and the time measurement is omitted. The participant has a right to information from the person responsible about the personal data concerning him / her as well as to correction or deletion or restriction of processing or a right to object to processing and the right to data portability.